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Controllers, Escapements and Sound Enclosures

Controllers are available in NEMA -1 and NEMA-12 enclosures with many options to meet your special systems requirements. Escapements and Sound Enclosures are also custom built to fit your project need.


Available in aluminum extrusion with a Nema -1 rating or a Nema -12 general purpose enclosure, we offer many controller options in both styles to meet your needs. Solid state controllers are smooth and a reliable power source for feeder bowls, horizontal storage tracks, and bulk storage hoppers.


Feeder Bowl and Escapement


We custom design and build all escapements to meet your specific needs. Our escape options include:

  • Cross Shuttle and Blow Feeding for Part Placement
  • Cross Shuttle With Dead Nest for Part Pick Up and Placement
  • Multiple Part Release
  • Single Part Release.

Sound Enclosures

Enclosures are created using 1" tubular steel frame with 16 ga. steel outer panels. Optional items available include Lexan® viewing doors and windows. We line all of our enclosures with a sound deadening foam to reduce noise levels.

Sound Enclosure