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Helpful Tips for Drive Units Tuning

At Mid-State Automation, Inc. in Cloverdale, Indiana, we are here to assist you with all your machine parts needs. Follow our helpful tips to properly tune your drive units and complete simple parts maintenance so your machinery is always working right.

Tuning Instructions

Prior to shipping, we always properly turn drive units, but they may require tuning when you receive or use the part. First, before you tune the units, make sure all bolts are tight and turn the controller down so the parts are slowly moving up the inside of the track. Then, slowly loosen either the top or bottom bolts of the spring pack. Be sure to carefully watch the parts inside the bowl as you loosen the bolts to determine if the parts are slowing down or speeding up. If the parts slow down, the bowl is under sprung. If they speed up, the bowl is over sprung.

Standard Storage Hopper

Under Sprung

For under sprung parts, simply add a spring one at a time and two spring spacers, then re-tighten and check again. Continue this process until the bowl is slightly over sprung. Remember to tighten the bolts like before prior to rechecking. Also, make the springs per spring pack equal. If they aren't equal, make the spring packs closest to the coils greater in number. The bolts must thread in at least 1" times the diameter of the bolt, and put the thinner springs on the outside of the pack with the thicker ones toward the inside.

Over Sprung

If over sprung, remove the thinnest spring, re-tighten the bolts, and recheck. If, at this point, the bowl is under sprung, add a thinner spring and recheck. Continue doing this until the bowl is slightly over sprung.

Maintenance On Elevators and Conveyors

You should always visually inspect your machine's moving parts, looking for unusual wear areas or erratic movement. Also list for any abnormal sounds and investigate immediately if you hear something that isn't normal. Every three months, lubricate all bearings. Check oil levels in the gear box once a month and replace every six to 12 months. Finally, ensure the breather plug is in and working right.