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Get All the Parts You Need for Machine Bases

Mid-State Automation, Inc. in Cloverdale, Indiana, can supply your company with all the parts you need to keep your machines in top working condition. All of our parts, including machines bases and escapements, are custom made to your exact requirements. In addition, we also offer feed system help.

Straight Front Hopper

Bulk Feed Hoppers and Elevator Hoppers

Hoppers keep feed bowls supplied with a continuous flow of parts. They are available in three basic types: standard hopper tub, straight front style, and elevator hopper. The standard and straight front hoppers come in sizes 1/4 cu. ft. to 5 cu. ft., and the elevator hopper is from 3 cu. ft. to 40 cu. ft.. The elevator hopper has the same basic function but enables the operator's loading height to be lower and conveys the parts up and into the feed bowl.

Machine Bases and Tables

Machine bases and tables are custom designed and built to meet your specific requirements and come in various materials and styles. Standard base tables have a structural steel frame with leveling pads. We use ground aluminum, blanchard ground steel, and ground stainless steel for table tops. You can choose from thickness ranging from 1/2" to 2" and maximum dimensions of 48" x 96". Machine base framework is available in the following styles:
• Cabinet, Used for Tooling Style
• Custom-Shaped Table Tops
• Drilled and Tapped Holes, a Custom Feature
• Pedestal, Either Round or Square
• Radius Corners, a Custom Feature
• Special Cut-Outs, Custom Feature
• Standard With 2" to 4" Tubular Steel

Portable Hydraulic Lift Table

BTM Press Escapement


We custom design and build all escapements to meet your specific needs. Our escape options include:
• Cross Shuttle and Blow Feeding for Part Placement
• Cross Shuttle With Dead Nest for Part Pick Up and Placement
• Multiple Part Release
• Single Part Release